Breast Augmentation Techniques in Kansas

Posted on Jul 18, 2015 in Beauty

Breast augmentation is a procedure that is becoming more and more popular. There are 3 approaches to this procedure, and a surgeon is ideal in helping you decide which technique is best for you.

  1. Inframammary implant

breast-aug-mammoplastyThis procedure is mostly recommended by surgeons who want the highest control over the position of the implant. Putting the implant directly into the breast’s tissue allows the surgeon to maintain an even greater control and the implant’s shape as well as making small corrections to improve the overall look and feel.

  1. Trans-axillary breast augmentation

This procedure is for women who want to have a less noticeable indication of breast implants. It is performed by tiny incision straight into the armpit where the implant is inserted. This gives a more natural look and has fewer complications when it comes to nursing.

  1. Trans-Umbilical breast augmentation

This is the most radical approach for Breast Augmentation in Kansas City by This procedure provides an almost unnoticeable scar as well as fewer complications. The incision is this technique is made around the belly button a small camera is inserted into the body cavity. The surgeon then creates a tunnel to the breast using the camera and inserts an empty implant which is then later pumped full of saline solution. This procedure is more beneficial as there is less scaring, less nerve damage and a quick recovery time.